Unblock a website for free

Sounds familiar? You're at school or your office and you just want to check your Facebook messages or watch that funny Youtube video. Unfortunately, this kind of websites are often blocked at school and the office. Do not worry! On unblockawebsite.com you unblock a website like Facebook or Youtube in a second, completely safe and free! Learn how to unblock a website on the right side of this page. Please share this website with all your friends and colleagues!


How to unblock a website

Please read below how to use this website.

Unblock a website
If you want to unblock a website, just enter the url of the website and click 'Go'.

Unblock Facebook, etc
To unblock Facebook, Twitter or Youtube directly, just click the direct link at the top right of this page.

Return to main page
Just click 'unblock' on the top right of this page to return to the homepage.

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